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Chiavari Chair Rentals

Stunning Chiavari Chairs for Rent

Seat your guests in the lap of luxury. P.S. & Company provides Chiavari rental chairs for a wide range of special occasions. Our chairs are high quality and sturdy, making them useful for short term or long term sitting.

Leave the seating arrangements to us. We are here to meet your needs. Our professional team can set up the gorgeous chairs according to your needs. We can arrange the chairs in rows, formations, or any other designs you like. When your event is over, our team also takes down all of the chairs and removes them from the location.
From professional and prompt delivery personnel, to caring and conscientious sales consultants, P.S. & Company puts every client's needs first. We know what it takes to meet and exceed your needs!

Our Quality

First and foremost is the quality of our rental chairs. We take great pride knowing that we rent the best quality Chiavari chairs. Each chair is made of weather resistant hardwood and is reinforced inside with steel braces to provide unparalled support. Please feel free to make an appointment to visit our warehouse to inspect the chairs.

Chair Rental Process

We require a minimum of 50 chairs per event, as well as a 50% deposit. You can rent our chairs for 2 days at a time. If for any reason you need t cancel, please notify us within 14 days prior to the day of the event.


We ensure timely delivery/pick up round trip are to your special event. When your event is finished, we will pack and remove the chairs from the venue. With our on-time deliveries and affordable prices you can concentrate on enjoying the most out of your event.